TMC Acadamy – Increase the level of professionalism of your employees through our training programs

TMC has a large portfolio of Training Programs to improve the professional abilities of your staff throughout the daily operations of the hospitality industry. Our objective is for your team to be able to immediately apply and be confident to use the newly acquired skills with your international guests. They will learn to communicate properly with your guests regarding daily tasks and different situations and encounters common to their profession.

What’s the difference between us and other consultants?

We have international experience in Hotel & F&B Management of higher category standards. We create a personalized training plan according to the needs of each department involved, consult on training, general operations, sales per M2, marketing, public relations, design and customer service standards. We can help you achieve concrete, observable and measurable improvements in the behavior of employees which will differ to strive for excellence. Our training modules have an in-depth approach, which will lead to sustainable and prolonged change by focusing to motivate your employees to develop their skills.

Learning experience that inspire, engage & stick


Using input from your Hotel Staff, we will completely personalize our training materials to the actual need and level of your staff.


Our training methodology incorporates many different work forms, games, icebreakers and energizers in order to make the sessions as interactive and fun as possible.


Our trainers have had years of hands on experience in the Hospitality industry and will incorporate their own personal stories to truly visualize different situations and problems at hand.


By incorporating role plays and work forms we encourage staff to participate actively at every session. They will also share their weekly progress with each other in order to learn from the scenarios that arise.


As the Hotel has requested to have the trainings “on-the-scene”,we will make use of the natural surroundings and offer homework leaflets for all staff participants. This will ensure the participant is able to prepare and revise at home.


Trainings have to be stimulating, fun and inspirational. That is why we incorporate many funny anecdotes of situations and have motivational energizers to make it a memorable experience for each participant.


Each participant will inform us at each session which wordthey would like to incorporate in their daily routine and what they have learned from the session.


We will incorporate quizzes from the weekly material and sometimes award small prizes to stimulate the participation.


At a coaching session on the last day, we will ask allparticipants to make a Personal Development Plan (where they want to be, at what time, etc) in order to have them personally involved with their progress.

Innovative methodology of our trainings

  • Videos, games & role plays, to create active dynamics in which learning becomes attractive and not boring
  • Demonstration (storytelling) – explanatory, questioning everything, for discovery, to promote understanding, critical thinking and promote decision making (empowerment)
  • Brain -Friendly – participatory to accommodate different learning rhythms without forgetting the predetermined time of the contents of training
  • Individual or group activities (Gamification) presented in progressive order of difficulty, reflecting clear how topics are related and above all motivating
  • Scenarios simulation (Role Play) and solving practical cases
  • Group discussion, develop positive attitudes in a group situation and unify criteria

What’s in it for us …? (Client / Hotel / Cadena)

  • Employee engagement; commitment involved, self-sufficient, motivated, professionalized,
  • Customer Engagement; Guest satisfaction, better understood and cared for (language), loyalty, better stay, the Hotel reputation / brand, more efficiency
  • Improve communication; employee / guest, interdepartmental, fewer errors, lower costs
  • Upselling improve revenue and guest satisfaction
  • Improved classification on social networks